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My Aunt Carol (Giampa) was a life long cook and the holder of my family's culinary traditions. When she passed, her recipe collection came to me. Having learned many of my cooking skills from her and forging traditions of my own, I am honored and challenged to explore the many recipes of her mother and aunts that never made it into my repertoire. Many of these recipes are desserts. This project is an attempt to both memorialize Aunt Carol (or Jumpy as she was known to most others) and explore/test/review these old family recipes. Join me?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The first inkling

Cross posted from my journal:

How ambitious am I? Ambitious enough to actually try to make/test each of my aunt's hand written recipes before publishing them to the family, or just scanning them and letting people figure it out? Some recipes show up multiple times, I need to see how consistent they are, etc. First step, look through them without wanting to just lay down and go to sleep for a year.

Doing something tangible seems like a good way to deal with my grief over losing my aunt, not remembering my grandmother. I can't do it all by myself though, I hope once this gets going my mom's cousins and their kids will want to take up a recipe or two (or 10!) and report back on their experience with it.

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