About This Project

My Aunt Carol (Giampa) was a life long cook and the holder of my family's culinary traditions. When she passed, her recipe collection came to me. Having learned many of my cooking skills from her and forging traditions of my own, I am honored and challenged to explore the many recipes of her mother and aunts that never made it into my repertoire. Many of these recipes are desserts. This project is an attempt to both memorialize Aunt Carol (or Jumpy as she was known to most others) and explore/test/review these old family recipes. Join me?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

And more good news!

I can actually (and did) order a small bottle of Galliano for the Harvey! Wallbanger! Cake! I'm going to make this weekend. The big bottle of pee-yellow liqueur was $35 and that's more than I'm willing to dedicate even to CAKE. Especially since Mander already knows she doesn't like Galliano. Just too much pee-yellow to commit to, even looking forward to a great name like Harvey Wallbanger Cake.


  1. See, now if I ever see this stuff out in the world, I'm going to think "it's the pee-yellow liqueur!" Here's hoping it only happens in my head!

  2. I have very appropriate doubts that I will be able to keep that in when I go to pick up the bottle. :D