About This Project

My Aunt Carol (Giampa) was a life long cook and the holder of my family's culinary traditions. When she passed, her recipe collection came to me. Having learned many of my cooking skills from her and forging traditions of my own, I am honored and challenged to explore the many recipes of her mother and aunts that never made it into my repertoire. Many of these recipes are desserts. This project is an attempt to both memorialize Aunt Carol (or Jumpy as she was known to most others) and explore/test/review these old family recipes. Join me?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It figures!

Well! I looked at the cinnamon bun recipe and it starts with "let dough rise overnight" and then moves on to what you do with the dough after that! I guess back in the day a lady just knew how to throw together a dough for cinnamon buns, but I don't!

Anyone have a recipe for cinnamon bun dough they'd like to share?


  1. I love thepioneerwoman's! It makes a lot. So...watch out. (Can be frozen really well!)


  2. Hah, that's like a recipe in Peggy's mom's five roses cookbook for a fruit pie. The first ingredient is "Fruit, prepared in the usual way."

  3. Thanks MAS! I'll check that out!

    And oh yes. Old cookbooks assume a certain level of competency and I could prepare fruit as usual, but a dough? Crikey!

  4. This is my favorite :)


  5. Oh! Thank you for the option because looking at Pioneer Woman's the quantity seems huge (1 quart of milk compared to 1 cup) and I have no idea how much filling/icing my recipe makes yet.